HerbalNature Hair Tea - An herbal infusion to strengthen hair

Help! Can HerbalNature Hair Tea stop my excess shedding and breakage?

Yes it can! The hair tea is a leave in herbal infusion that strengthens hair bonds. When hair is damaged through heat or styling, the cysteine bridge can lose integrity. (Cysteine bridge - the way the hair connects to form hair texture, i.e. straight, wavy, curly.) This unbroken 'bridge' through the hair's texture is what makes hair resilient. Heat and styling can weaken this bridge, making it susceptible to breakage.

This unique recipe of roots, barks, seeds and flowers can repair those bonds, and decrease shedding and breakage after the first use! Follow these easy steps as you journey to strong, resilient, healthy hair:

Braids & Extensions - Throughout the life of your braids, lightly spray the hair tea on your style to keep your hair strong. Over time, extensions and braided styles can weaken hair, causing it to pop and break during the take-down and comb-out process. Prep your hair BEFORE your take down:

Step 1: Make the hair tea and apply it generously (I mean like a LOT, a LOT until it's dripping wet) over your hair before removing your braids, cornrows or extensions and let it dry. 

Step 2: Once the tea dries, take down your style, shampoo, condition and detangle. I personally recommend detangling with the conditioner still on the hair. This is less stressful for hair coming out of braided styles.

Step 3: Rinse hair completely, then generously reapply hair tea to clean hair prior to applying other products

Step 4: Style hair as usual. Again, it's perfectly OK to use other hair products, just make sure the hair tea is applied first. Your hair tea is the 1st responder of hair emergencies! 

Heat styling - Flat irons, Marcels, hot rollers, and blow drying provide style flexibility for all hair types. It can also enhance your natural styles by elongating your curls when you train them. (Remind me to talk about this later.) Always use a heat protectant product (like HerbalNature Styling Pomade!) to protect your hair from heat styling.

Instead of using water or shampoo to revert heat styles, there's an HerbalNature Way to transition from straight hair, back to your natural texture. Follow these steps for healthy hair results when reverting your hair:

Step 1: Before you shampoo, thoroughly saturate your hair with the tea. I like to do a full reversion with the tea before I shampoo. This means I revert my hair back to its curly, natural, pre-straight texture using only the hair tea.

Step 2: After a full reversion with the hair tea, I shampoo, condition, then detangle with the conditioner. 

Step 3: Style as usual, applying your styling products AFTER you apply the hair tea to clean hair.

Chemical Damage - Follow the instructions for heat styling above. Make sure to use the right tea if you use hair color. Use HerbalNature:

  • Blonde Hair Tea for blonde hair
  • Gray Hair Tea for salt/pepper & gray hair
  • Dark Hair Tea for shades of brown and black hair

Common Questions

How do you use the hair tea? You brew the tea, strain it, let it cool, then apply it to your hair. Please do not drink the tea. Keep unused tea refrigerated.

Why does the hair tea have ice in it? I'm glad you asked! The cold tea closes your hair follicles, making it more resistant to excessive shedding.

Do you put the hair tea on dirty hair: Yes, because you want to strengthen the hair before manipulating it with things like taking down braids and weaves, shampooing and conditioning, or detangling.

Is the hair tea in tea bags? No tea bags, just tea. This is a loose-herb tea made with roots, barks, seeds, flowers, and leaves. Measure the amount you want to use to make your hair tea.  Hair tea kits are available, too! 

Do I rinse off the tea after I apply it? Not at all and you won't want to! It smells amazing while its infusing hair with building blocks to be strong and resilient! Sometimes, after reverting with the hair tea, I'll wear it a couple of days before shampooing cause my hair tea curls be kayute!

What if I use a leave-in conditioner? That's cool! Just apply your hair tea before your leave in conditioner.

Can I use the hair tea on chemically treated hair? Yes, please do! Permed and colored hair require special care. Using the hair tea as a regular part of your hair care regimen is the BEST way to infuse the building blocks needed to maintain elasticity and strength.

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