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HerbalNature Organic Hair & Body products are "the natural" choice over synthetic and chemically
based hair and body products. Our products naturally complement the human body chemistry
because it is 100% natural in its origin and process. It contains only the highest quality herbs and oils
that are known in nature as the best for the skin, hair and scalp.*
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Organic Hair & Body Products
Get GOOD HAIR with HerbalNature!
What is Good Hair?
by Daphne Wills, CEO of HerbalNature

If you haven't seen the documentary, "Good Hair" produced by Chris Rock, then I'm
sure you have heard about it. From his comedic point of view, this hilarious exposé  
examines a very intimate subject that has a prevalent presence and dark history
amongst Black women and men today: The Good Hair Theory.

In our quest for the illusive 'Good Hair' experience (women seeking straighter hair),
we have traumatized our hair, our health and our self esteem. Most of us,
especially Black women, have at some point in our lives experimented with perms,
weaves, braids, bonds or other not-so-good alternatives to our natural hair textures.
Hence, has lead us to the truly 'bad hair' or 'no hair' experience that is rampant
amongst many women today.
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HerbalNature Hair Oil
What can it do for your hair?
How to use HerbalNature
HerbalNature Hair Tea
An organic infusion to repair your hair
Let us show you what TextureNourishing can do for Natural & Transitioning Hair!
The secret to TextureNourishing's silky,
straight hair is our moisture resistant
blend of ingredients. HerbalNature™ Hair
Oil and Styling Pomade contains jojoba
which is actually a wax - it is not an oil.
When applied to hair along with heat, it
penetrates the hair, smooths the cuticle
straight and locks in the style. Once
applied in this manner, the hair becomes
sealed from the inside-out, blocking out
moisture and humidity which causes
natural hair to quickly revert.

See more of JLyric's "Naturally-Straight" videos
AND more about TextureNourishing!
TextureNourishing can NATURALLY STRAIGHTEN hair without damaging the integrity of natural hair!
Just shampoo and back to your natural, beautiful hair texture.
Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin
HerbalNature Products
Pure, Natural & Organic Goodness. Nothing else.
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Why You Should Take Supplements
Use Transdermal Products
Article by Denika Carothers
Founder, Get Healthy Hair Now

For almost every woman who has
been pregnant and taken pre-natal
vitamins, you know that one of the
benefits is strong, luxurious and
growing hair. I remember for me
especially when I was
pregnant with my son, my hair was
amazing. It had an amazing shine, it
was healthy and it grew about 5
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This book uncovers the hidden
dangers lurking in our hair & body
Buy this book and get informed!
A practical guide, resource and an
excellent starting point for anyone
on a chemical-free and natural
hair journey.
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Natural Hair and Hair Products
By Denika Penn-Carothers
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