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Answers to your emails
How long does it take to see results while using HerbalNature™ Hair
Tea and HerbalNature™ Hair Oil?
Most users experience a healthier, stronger hair texture after the first use
of HerbalNature™ Hair Tea. Those who seek stimulated or accelerated
hair growth will usually see results within 2-6 weeks of using
HerbalNature™ Hair Oil. Individual results may vary.*

How does HerbalNature™ Hair Oil work to assist regrowth or
accelerate hair growth?
HerbalNature™ Hair Oil contains a unique blend of organic, herbal and
essential oils for nourishing the hair and scalp. Our delicate, hand-
made process insures that every batch is as superior and rich in vital
nutrients as the next.

Since our follicles are closer to the surface of our scalp rather than our
digestive tracks, HerbalNature™ Hair Oil may be an alternative for
anyone who has been unsuccessful with attempts to restore hair health
through vitamins and supplements. HerbalNature™ Hair Oil penetrates
both layers of skin and reaches the hair follicle to stimulate circulation
and provide nutrients the hair and scalp need to grow healthy hair.
HerbalNature™ Hair Oil does not contain petroleum or mineral oil which
blocks and prevents penetration to the hair follicle.

How do you apply HerbalNature™ Hair Oil?
To encourage growth, apply oil to scalp 3 times per week.
HerbalNature™ Hair Oil is concentrated and requires minimal
To apply: Gently rub finger over oil, do not 'scoop' - your
finger should be 'shinny' with oil, not 'clumpy'. Apply lightly to scalp. There
should be NO OILY OR GREASY residue after application. Oil penetrates
immediately and completely when used properly. Using more with not
promote faster results. A healthy scalp needs to breath so be careful not
to use too much.

How do you use HerbalNature™ products to straighten hair like you've
done in your pictures above?

This process is called TextureNourishing™. HerbalNature™ Hair Oil
and Styling Pomade can be used to texturize hair without the use of
chemicals. Individuals with permed or fine hair can wrap, set or flat iron
with HerbalNature™ Hair Oil since it has a very light texture. Those with
thick and/or natural hair like mine can use the styling pomade or the hair
oil for beautiful, glossy and straight hair with TextureNourishing™
HerbalNature™ Hair Oil or Styling Pomade does not leave a heavy
residue or weight hair down. The finished style is full of body and shine
from within, never greasy or oily. And the best part is that hair becomes
resistant to moisture! That means less frizzies and reverting which is
what usually happens to natural or frizz-prone hair when pressed or flat
ironed with other products.

How do I apply HerbalNature Styling Pomade and how much do I need
to use?
This non greasy pomade is excellent for natural hair styles that desire a
smooth, silky look without the sticky, gooey texture of typical pomades.
On average, you  will use less that typical pomades. With practice, you
will find the right amount needed for your hair style.  For best results, use
on wet hair and brush to distribute pomade evenly throughout hair. Use
a wave cap or stocking to train short hair for wave patterns. For natural
styles or long hair, section and apply small, even amounts to wet hair
then brush each section from root to end until smooth. Rub small
amount over short hair while still wet then brush until smooth.   Allow
hair to air dry for best results.

*Texturize & control  natural, wavy and curly hair without greasiness   
*Train hair to a uniform and smooth, wave pattern without chemicals
*An alternative to gels and mousse which can dry and harden hair   
*Perfect for everyday hair combing  for children & adults with virgin hair
*Gives a sleek & tame texture to cornrow styles or thick & dry hair   *All
without leaving a greasy, heavy residue!

What is a non-metal pot? Why should I use a non-metal pot?
A non-metal pot is one whose cooking surface does not contain any
metal parts. For instance, enamel, glass and porcelain are metal free.  
Cast iron, stainless steel and aluminum are types of metal.  
Traditionally, cast iron pots were used so that food would absorb the
iron content and provide iron rich diets via cooking in them. Stainless
steel was designed so that it would not leak unwanted metals into food
preparations.  Aluminum releases a chemical (which is potentially
poisonous)  when it is used for cooking. Metals can alter the gentle
composition of organic compounds found in HerbalNature Products.  It
is strongly recommended that metals are avoided in the preparation of
all HerbalNature Products.  Using a non-metal pot will preserve the
organic structure of herbs and help to ensure the highest quality yield of
the preparation.  Although stainless steel is safe for most food
preparations, I recommend using a non-metal pot instead. NEVER USE
Additionally,  aluminum can react with chemical residues that are left
behind from commercial hair color and chemical hair straighteners
which can cause severe hair damage and hair loss.

The HerbalNature Store has a tea kit that can be used with the hair or
skin tea. It comes with a package of hair or skin tea, small enamel pot,
glass jar, filters and spray bottle. Everything you need to make the
perfect batch of hair or skin tea!
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Q: Is TextureNourishing™ an alternative to chemical relaxers?
A: Yes. TextureNourishing™ is an alternative for anyone looking to
transition from relaxers to natural hair while allowing one to wear their
hair straight like a relaxer without the damaging effects of chemicals.
The hair is "trained" through a process that uses HerbalNature™
products and heat (flat iron, press, etc) to allow the bonds to lock
straight without becoming frizzy or swelling. This process does not
break the bonds of the hair like chemicals and perms. So after wearing
a straight style via TextureNourishing™, just shampoo and your hair will
revert and retain it's virgin integrity; elasticity, curl and strength! This
allows one the versatility to wear many styles: sleek & straight styles
and natural styles such as sister twist, braids, afro's and any other style
that your virgin hair allows.

TextureNourishing™ also allows this
transition to natural hair without
first cutting off  the perm and "starting over".
With the aid of
HerbalNature™ Hair  products, this gradual transition allows new hair
to grow while the permed hair is treated and clipped in a phased
process until all that remains is beautiful, healthy, naturally strong virgin

Q: How often should I shampoo my hair and use the hair tea?
A: Although some may shampoo more often, a healthy hair care
regimen can consist of shampooing the hair every 1 to 2 weeks. The
hair tea is a leave-in conditioner so you only need apply it after each

Q:  I am very please with your products except I am having problems
with tangling when I wash my hair. My hair is a shoulder length and
permed. I would love some advice on how to untangle my hair using
your products.
A: I'm so happy you are pleased with my products! Tangled hair is
familiar to me since I have waist length, big & wavy hair! In order to
make my hair manageable when combing it out after shampooing, I
MUST use a cream conditioner first. I apply the cream conditioner and
detangle my hair then I completely rinse it out. Next I pour my hair tea
over my clean hair.

Remember to completely rinse your hair before using the hair tea. The
hair tea will be your leave-in conditioner and that's all you'll need. You
will be able to
easily comb through your hair using this method.

Q: I like to put a little moisturizer in my hair during the winter to
protect from dryness, but now I'm wondering if that contributes to
blocking up the follicles and preventing them from receiving the
nutrients. If so, would your pomade have the same effect or not
because it's more natural? (Caucasian client)
A: I'm not sure of your hair texture since every race has a wide range of
hair textures. However, I've included more detailed information below
about pomades -vs- HerbalNature Styling Pomade.  

Yes, traditional pomades do block follicles since they contain petroleum
(along with beeswax and lanolin). The molecules in petroleum are
larger than the molecules of our skin and hair. Petroleum sits on top of
hair & skin and is often used as a barrier to penetration. Ex: beauticians
use petroleum around the faces and necks of their clients to prevent the
absorption of hair color or chemical relaxers beyond the hairline.
Pomades are designed to texturize, train and sculpt hair. It's widely
used on hair that is course or tightly coiled (kinky). It is not meant to
apply to the scalp (and it's not really a moisturizer). However, it's really
hard to apply a pomade (containing petroleum) without it getting to your
scalp because the oil in it has a "wicking" effect on hair to the scalp. (Ex:
if you place the tip of a paper towel in oil, the oil will wick its way up the
paper.) Since the oil in petroleum does not penetrate and sits on top the
hair, it has to go somewhere. That somewhere is either to your scalp or
on your clothes, pillows or car head rest!

Now all that said, the difference in HerbalNature Styling Pomade is that
is does not contain petroleum. It does contain beeswax and lanolin
however, it's combined in food grade oils like jojoba, grapeseed and
hazelnut all of which have molecules smaller than the molecules of our
hair and skin. HerbalNature's formulation limits the wicking effect
during application since it penetrates the hair when grooming and
styling. . . It's not
on the hair, it's in it! Therefore, if you avoid the scalp
area and apply it to the hair only, you avoid blocking the follicle of oxygen
and energy (which is just as important as nutrients). However, even if
you manage to get it on your scalp, it won't have the same effect as
traditional pomades that leave a heavy, greasy residue.

Q: What is your opinion or experience with supplement's, namely
hair vitamins?
A: In my opinion, oral supplementation is an excellent first choice for
quite a number of health issues, however the hair and skin are a little
different. For instance, when we take a supplement targeted for hair
growth or hair health, it is certain to contain Vitamin E amongst other
nutrients. Vitamin E is also a nutrient essential for good heart health.
The problem is that our bodies does not know the difference in taking a
supplement intended for hair health (that contains vit-E) from a
supplement taken for heart health (that contains vit-E). So in turn, if we
are vit-E deficient, that supplement containing vit-E (regardless of what
the packaging says the supplement is intended for) will go to the heart
and other organs first, and most likely hair & skin will be last. . .  Simply
put, our bodies are smart enough to use food & supplements wisely
and its primary goal is to sustain life. Chances are, if our hair has
started to show signs of inferior growth patterns like excessive
shedding, baldness, slow growth, etc., we are probably deficient of
some nutrients that are shared among other organs. HerbalNature is
different since it addresses the deficiency transdermally (via the skin). It
bypasses the digestion process and seeks to restore balance from the
closest source to the hair follicle. . .the skin. It stimulates circulation
from our body's blood supply to the follicle (which is how hair is fed from
within), while providing the follicle exclusive nutritional supplementation
without assimilation through the digestive track. HerbalNature's
transdermal application provides all the nutrients the follicle needs to
grow healthy hair even in the presence of other nutritional deficiencies.

I will conclude by saying, orally ingested, food based nutrition geared
toward hair and skin health would be optimized for those who already
have maintained well-balanced, nutritionally sound bodies.

Q: When it is humid and I perspire my scalp burns and itches and
my hair gets that sour odor (unclean smell).
A: Use a shampoo with tea tree oil. Jason Naturals and Avalon
Naturals brands have wonderful tea tree based shampoos that are
excellent for hair and scalp conditions that leave a "not-so-fresh" smell.
Tea tree oil has natural anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
properties. However, you can add essential oil of tea tree to your own
brand of natural or organic shampoo (about 8-10 drops per 8 oz).

Q: I have eczema on my scalp and when it is hot and humid my scalp
feels as if it is on fire. What can I use to combat the itching, and also
stop my hair from shedding? I have been using a pomade but it does
not stop the itching.
A:  The first thing you might try since eczema produces sensitive skin
is to switch to an organic shampoo (Jason or Avalon brands are
excellent) that does not contain sodium laureth or sodium lauryl
sulfates. This chemical is very harsh to the hair and skin and can cause
major irritation for eczema and other skin conditions (not to mention it's
a carcinogenic!) Go to these sites for more info on SLS:


HerbalNature Hair Tea is a leave-in conditioner that you make like
regular drinking tea but instead you pour it over your hair. The hair tea
increases the elasticity of the hair and helps to stabilize the root sheath
around the hair shaft to decrease excessive shedding (not to be
confused with normal shedding of hair that averages between 50 to 100
strands a day). HerbalNature Hair Oil contains all natural, herbal
ingredients which stimulates circulation to the hair follicle and provides
nutrients to the hair and scalp needed to grow hair. In regards to your
dry scalp, a dry scalp is the result of under productive sebaceous
glands. Additionally, an oily scalp is the result of over productive
sebaceous glands. Both are results of an imbalance of oil production.
HerbalNature Hair Oil may help to restore a healthy balance to the
sebaceous glands.

On more thing, avoid products that contain petroleum and mineral oil.
Both these ingredients block the follicle and prevent oxygen to the scalp.
Since they don't penetrate the skin, these products can cause a build-
up on the scalp that can aggravate eczema and increase itching.
HerbalNature Hair Oil only uses food grade oils that penetrate
immediately through both layers of skin and never leave a greasy or oily
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