TextureNourishing™ is exclusive to HerbalNature™ products. The process seals the hair's cuticle using HerbalNature products along with
a strategic technique similar to flat ironing the hair. It is EXCELLENT for anyone desiring style versatility with natural hair or hair that is in
transition from chemicals. TextureNourishing may also be used on chemically treated hair.
The Evolution of TextureNourishing™
by Daphne Wills, Founder & CEO of HerbalNature

I coined the term TextureNourishing™ many years ago as a way to describe the experience I had as I
transitioned from chemicals back to virgin hair while using a heat technique (initially press and pull)
over the application of HerbalNature™ products. I noticed a dramatic change in the texture and health
of my hair. Specifically, my hair had a smoother, more tamed  "texture" and it was healthier and more
"nourished" than it had been in years. Hence, TextureNourishing

During my years of using chemicals and relaxers my hair was dry, frizzy and dull. It broke easily and
wasn't as resilient or thick as it was before I began relaxing my hair. Even my new growth was a
rougher texture than it had been before I began using chemicals. In fact, the chemicals had changed
the bond structure of the new hair that was growing in -  a common experience that many women
have after years of using chemicals.  

When I decided to transition, I DID NOT want to cut my hair and start over! I'd damaged my hair
several times in the past which caused it to break and fall out. I was forced to wear it short which did
not appeal to me. Besides, I wanted the flexibility to pull it back just in case this journey to natural hair
left me with some "bad hair days" that called for a pony tail or a bun. Therefore it was my objective to
'grow and clip'  the chemically treated hair little by little until all the perm was gone and I was left with
beautiful virgin hair. With the use of HerbalNature™ Hair Tea I was able to strengthen the chemically
treated hair so that it did not break as easily as before which allowed my 'grow and clip' technique to
be successful without added stress to my delicate hair during the transition.

As I diligently went through this process of going natural, I exclusively used my own hand-crafted
HerbalNature™ products. I used the hair tea to strengthen my hair, the hair oil to accelerate growth
and a pressing comb with marcels for texturizing while applying the oil directly to each section of hair.
During this process, I also realized that I not only had two textures of hair to deal with, but I actually
had superior hair (new growth) and inferior hair (chemically processed hair) and each required
specific care. My new growth was strong and resilient. It required more heat and a firm application of
the TextureNourishing process. While my chemically processed hair was more fragile and only
required a modest application of the TextureNourishing process to protect its delicate state. I was
literally caring for two types of hair on one head! But in the end, my technique worked perfectly and my
transition from chemicals to natural hair was a sweet success!

Below is the exact regimen I followed that lead to my successful transition WITHOUT cutting off all my
hair to start over:

  • After shampooing, conditioning, detangling and rinsing, I'd saturated my hair and scalp with
    HerbalNature Hair Tea. The hair tea increased the elasticity and strength especially for the
    parts of my hair that were chemically treated.
  • I oiled my scalp with HerbalNature Hair Oil 3 times per week. The transdermal (through the
    skin) nature of this all natural hair oil accelerated the growth rate of my hair. The herbs and
    essential oils it contains increased circulation and blood flow to my follicles and deposited
    nutrients as well. As my hair began to grow, I noticed my new growth returning to its natural
    texture - softer & smoother -  just as it was before I began getting perms. And my hair was
    growing faster and longer than it ever had in my life.
  • Although I currently use the pomade for TextureNourishing, back then I used the hair oil. I
    would either air dry my hair in a few plaits or blow dry it first. Then I would section my hair into
    small pieces and apply the hair oil from ends to root, making sure I applied it evenly. I then
    press or used the marcels to straighten my hair which infused the oils with heat.
  • Because their was new growth and permed hair, I would firmly apply the process at the roots
    and gently apply the same process to the ends of my hair.
  • As I blended the two textures - new growth with permed hair - with the oil and heat, I
    immediately noticed the feel and texture of my hair was different. It felt sleek, smooth and
    stronger than it had been in years. Even the chemically treated areas looked and felt healthier
    and smoother than ever.
  • As my hair grew (and with this regimen, it grew quickly!) I would clip the ends usually about
    once a month. I kept it about shoulder length throughout my entire transition. As soon as it
    grew, I'd clip it back to shoulder length and repeated the process until all the perm was gone
    and only beautiful, healthy natural hair remained.

It's been over 25 years since I transitioned from chemicals back to natural hair. I remember the
challenges I faced along the way; puffy roots vs stringy ends and my very dry brittle hair that broke
easily and shed constantly. However my most sobering discovery was that professional beauticians
would not touch my hair because I was in transition and I refused to cut off my hair and start over. I
researched herbs and natural ways to strengthen my delicate hair. I also began to experiment with
homemade techniques that would blend my very healthy new growth against my weak, brittle
chemically treated hair. Integrating my products, TextureNourishing and my 'grow and clip' technique
proved to be an ultimate success for my transition from chemicals. Even in the face of many so-
called "experts" that said it could not be done, I was able to go natural without cutting off my hair and
starting over. Truly, necessity is the mother of invention and TextureNourishing was born from that
same vein. I've had the extreme pleasure to inspire and assist countless women to embrace their
natural hair textures with dignity, courage and empowerment. Sharing in those moments makes my
journey, our journey. My testimony above is dedicated to empowering each of you to do the same.

With highest vibrations,
Daphne Wills, CEO & Founder of HerbalNature
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With proper technique & care TextureNourishing can:

  • Tame open cuticles that cause frizzy, dry looking hair
  • Allow straight hair styles to last without reverting
  • Elongate tight curl patterns with natural styles
  • Blend textures of hair in transition - new growth & permed hair
  • Add style versatility to natural hair without damaging its integrity
  • Create polished, sleek, shiny hair with body & movement but NEVER oily or greasy
  • Go longer between touch-up's or transition to natural hair without initially 'cutting off your permed hair
  • Make hair resistant to moisture, wind & static
Look what TextureNourishing can do for
Natural & Transitioning Hair!
HerbalNature Products are100% all
natural, organic and wildcrafted

  • No Petroleum
  • No MIneral oil
  • No Parabens
  • No Sulfates
  • No Chemicals
  • No Silicones
  • No Artificial preservative or fragrances
  • Never tested on animals
Absolutely NO CHEMICALS! 100% NATURAL Ingredients
What is TextureNourishing with HerbalNature Products
TextureNourishing incorporates HerbalNature Hair Oil or Styling
Pomade with a strategic heat application. Proper application
seals the hair's outer cuticle and locks the bonds straight,
creating a barrier to moisture which prevents it from reverting to
its virgin appearance until hair becomes wet or shampooed. The
natural oils and waxes in our products combined with a
professional heat application technique makes this process
superior to any styling techniques that proposes to safely style  
hair straight without compromising the integrity of virgin hair,
without hair feeling heavy or stiff, and without any greasy or oily

With regular application the hair shaft may elongate and the
natural wave pattern in the hair may appear longer. This is due
to the nourishing effect of HerbalNature Products applied
through TextureNourishing which penetrates the hair shaft and
"retrains" the bonds to appear smoother. Hair becomes tamed,
uniformed in texture and appearance, while closing the cuticle to
encourage shiny, strong and healthy hair.

TextureNourishing with HerbalNature Hair Products is an
excellent alternative for chemical-sensitive individuals or anyone
experiencing hair loss from chemicals and/or the use of
chemicals should be limited or avoided.
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