Gigi M., TX

My hair loss problem was not new to me at age 33. I had a problem with hair loss when I was a teenager. It was mostly stress and
poor diet, or so I thought. My hair is normally very thick and very straight and there is lots of it. I inherited it from my Mom, except
she had slightly wavy hair but also very thick. Late in the fall of 2005, my sister and her children were going through a separation
and the stress caused hair loss in my sister and in me. It started out being dime-sized when I noticed it in December 2005. My good
friend and co-worker Ylonda told me about your natural solution to hair loss around May 2006 and I began using it. Within a short 4
weeks, I saw new hair growth. By the 8th week, I didn't need to use it anymore because the bald spot could not be found where it
used to be. I have  no more hair loss and I have you and your product to thank. And thanks to Ylonda too! She is an angel! If stress
should ever make me lose hair again, I know that I can trust Herbal Nature Hair products. My sister used it too. Read her testimony
- coming soon.
Lydia S., TX

Your product has really helped to grow my sides and take away the itch and burning sensation I was having in the crown of my head
due to the use of relaxers.   When I use your product not only do I know it is good for my hair but it is also good for my overall health.
 I have been enjoying the journey of change and my new hairdo.
Jerome S., TX

One day while my sister was visiting she mention to my wife that her friend had some wonderful results with a natural product for
her hair. . .She showed my wife the product, how to use it, she loved it, and was sold. . .One day, after needing more HerbalNature,
she noticed my head had a lot of sparseness. . . I got the product, followed the instructions and within a week and a day I went
back to get an updated picture taken. I was still using the product as directed and to my amazement. . . I was surprised first by
how thin it was as you'll see by the pictures, compared with the amazing and still-hard-to-believe results. I continued the use of the
product for the rest of the month. My hair still looks healthy, feels strong and looks great. See for yourself what HerbalNature can
Send us your
Ylonda K., TX

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for giving me my freedom back, to wear my hair in which ever style I wish. I am  so grateful that
you introduced and shared your wonderful product with me, HerbalNature Hair Oil & Tea. This product has truly made a difference
in my hair & scalp. About 20 years ago my hair starting thinning in the crown of my head and my sides have always been thin from
childhood. The thinning in the crown was due to surgery and medication. . . and I have been trying to grow it back for 20 years.
We all have a best friend the kind that is always honest with you about everything. Well for 20 years I have tried everything on
the market to grow my hair back in those areas and after each time I tried a new product I would ask my friend does it look like it
is growing back and she would pause. I guess she did not want to hurt my feelings because the answer was always "it looks the
same". So I lost the freedom of wearing my hair cut down short the way I like it. I grew it out so I would have the old 'cover
up-cover over hairdo' to cover up my bald spot. But about two weeks ago my friend and I went out to lunch and I told her I
wanted to show her my spot. When she saw it her mouth flew wide open because she said "It is growing back! It's working and I
can see new ones coming in!" Even my sides have filled in. And my growth came within the first week of using your product and is
still growing. No more shinny red looking scalp. How do I feel? FREE AT LAST! Thanks for sharing your wonderful product with me.
Sincerely, Y. King
Kreshaune M., Chicago, IL

For 6 years, I experienced a bazaar condition that caused my hair to only grow on one side of my head. I had constant shedding
and breakage. Nothing worked until I tried Herbal Nature. I was skeptical at first because I have fine, Caucasian hair.  After the first
use, my hair was absolutely beautiful. It stopped shedding and breaking immediately.  Within 2 months, my hair was growing on the
damaged side and within 5 months I couldn’t tell that I ever had a problem. I’ve been using HerbalNature for over three years now
and I’ve grown over 10 inches of beautiful healthy hair!
Cynthia T., New Orleans, LA

Recently I noticed my hair thinning around my temple area. I applied HerbalNature to that area a couple of times. Within a week, I
noticed that the hair was growing back and within 2 weeks the thinning area had completely disappeared.
Vanessa M., TX

I had four bald spots on my scalp. Initially they started out the size of dimes, then to quarters and eventually the size of fifty cent
pieces. After approximately five months with this condition, I went to a doctor and began getting expensive steroidal injections but
nothing was happening.  I was barely getting fuzz, but no major regrowth was coming back. I met Daphne and she gave me a jar of
Herbal Nature. Within weeks my hair started growing back and within a month the bald spots had completely filled in. Within three
months my hair was thicker and healthier than it had ever been before. I really believe in Herbal Nature. I believe it works, I’m living
proof of it and I am a true supporter of HerbalNature. Thank you.
Anasa B. - TX

With continuous use of your product for flat ironing, the hair remains silkier even after shampooing.  I don't know if I'm tripping or
if your fabulous natural hair oil makes the hair stretch out longer with flat ironing but only 5 days after this most recent use I think
my hair is a little longer!!! AND I already know it makes it grow but that is fast!  I love the hair tea for sealing the split ends and
the clean smell and nice texture after using it.  I soak mine in the hair tea to the long as I can usually 5-10 minutes per
section to make sure the tea saturates well.  That combination is incredible. When I used the herbs to highlight I loved the fact
that it did not change the color but added a glowing sheen to the hair, a fineness in texture and a delightful aroma.
"There's an
infinite pool of Good Faith just waiting for human kind to drink from."
I heard that quote and thought of your hair tea that
my hair loves to drink. Thank you for your wonderful products.  
Shelia M., CA  

I started using HerbalNature after discovering by surprise a bald spot the size of a silver-dollar. It was one morning after washing
my hair and it left me devastated.  I must tell you that Herbal Nature was a blessing. Within a few days I noticed new hair growth!
After only two months, I can hardly tell that I even had a bald spot. Now I can style my hair on the other side!
Alberta D., TX

This letter is to verify that your herbal tea and herbal oil has enhanced my hair with growth and thickness. I am very pleased with
the glorious and healthy hair that I am enjoying – my hair was in poor condition until I started using your product. I highly
recommend this product to anyone who has hair problems. God has blessed you to create this herbal tea and oil for healing of the
head and hair.
Tamural L., Iraq

My edges had become very thin from braids and it was shedding and breaking by the handful.  Since I started using the
conditioner and oil my edges are filling out and I have seen minimal shedding. Also my hair has grown at least an inch. . . The
product has also suppressed the itching sensation that comes with new growth so I am very happy about that because I do not
plan to relax my hair anytime soon, if ever again.  Thank you for sharing your product.
I am overwhelmed with my hair. It has come a looooong way . . . It’s beautiful. The product has made growing this relaxer out so
much easier. I’ve tried several times to grow it out and it just ended up shedding and breaking really badly. Now it rarely ever
sheds and is very strong. The texture has changed drastically. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.
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