Just to be clear on the subject of good hair, it's ALL GOOD so to speak! So, let us redefine good hair in terms
that every man, woman, ethnicity and the like can benefit from and embrace: Good hair is healthy hair. . .period!  
So you ask, "What is Good Hair?"
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Over the last 10 years or so, we have seen our efforts to mask or recreate our "mane" image (get the play on words here!) reach across racial
and ethnic boundaries not exclusive to Black women. With the advent of more and more types of hair covers and processes by which to apply
them, it has come to our standing attention that the so-called "Good Hair" that we have been seeking has left many of us
without hair or with very
bad hair
to say the least.

Drawing from my personal experience with hair loss from perms, color and later alopecia, I can relate to the urge to conceal the problem since
the instant gratification from covering it makes it easier to present one's self to the world. However, 'We, The Coverer's of Damaged Hair and Hair
Loss', know very well what is lurking under cover. . . .and it's NOT GOOD HAIR!
Ask anyone who's experience does not create the images above and they will agree first and foremost, Good Hair Is Healthy Hair!
What we do to and for our hair can determine how good our hair will serve us in the future.

Let's think of good hair as an investment. If our goal is to have good hair (remember healthy hair
IS good hair), can we continue our current hair
regimens to obtain that long term goal six months to a year from now? If we continue to break down our hair and compromise our scalp and
health with perms, chemicals and other harmful processes will it bring us closer to the goal of healthy hair tomorrow? Next week? Next year?
Hold that thought. . .

Now, for a moment let's consider changing our hair care regimen to one that is in alignment with and embraces
all that creates an environment for healthy hair to grow and thrive:

  • Eliminating habits and processes that are not conducive to growing and maintaining healthy hair.
  • Becoming informed consumers about the products and process we use on our hair and body, and invest our efforts in products and
    processes that are deemed safe and complementary for our individual hair types.
  • Taking ownership of the current state of our hair and moving forward from this point with a conscious objective for the long term goal of
    healthy hair. No one has ever been held at gun point and forced to receive perms, weaves or any harmful service. . .remember you made
    the appointment and paid for the services.
  • Be willing to research and learn different processes, products, styles, services and ideas that lend its self to grow and manage healthy
    hair of all textures.
  • Become your own advocate for your investment in your healthy hair.

  • Hair that is strong, resilient and full  
  • Hair that is  coarse and thick or soft and fine
  • Hair that is wavy, curly, kinky, straight, short, long, blonde, brown, red, black and gray
  • Hair that grows back after shedding through its normal cycles
  • Hair that can withstand styling and grooming without fear of breakage
  • Hair that retains elasticity when styling and combing
  • Hair that is unadulterated in its natural and glorious state
Your hair is your personal asset and what you invest in it will yield a return reflective of your choices. Just as we would carefully manage our
finances and assets to avoid a negative return on our investments, we should have the same discernment and careful planning for our
expectations to reap good, healthy hair. As pertaining to investing into healthy hair - time, effort, patience and consistency are key to outstanding
long term results.

Let HerbalNature™ assist you with obtaining your personal healthy hair goals. To find out more about our, Get Good Hair The HerbalNature
Way Campaign, click here.