HerbalNature™ Hair Tea is the perfect leave-in conditioner for severely
damaged hair due to heat, chemicals and other harmful processes
How to Apply HerbalNature Hair Tea
How to prepare HerbalNature Hair Tea?

In a non-metal pot, add 1 heaping TBSP herbs to 1 1/2 cups of in clean water (bottled or filtered
You may use less water, about 1 cup, for a stronger brew. Heat on low until steaming
NEVER boil. Cover tea and allow to cool. Strain herbs into glass jar with cheese cloth or
coffee filter. Your hair tea is now complete and ready for use. Any unused hair tea can be
refrigerated for up to 7 to 10 days. Always check your stored hair tea for freshness before use and
discard any tea that does not smell fresh.

Note: There are many medicinal properties released once herbs began to steam so it is important
to keep hair tea covered until it is no longer steaming.  Just as you steam and do not over cook
vegetables in order to retain its nutrients, you don't want to overcook your hair tea since this may
reduce its nutritional value.

How to use HerbalNature Hair Tea?
Shampoo hair as usual.  Apply cream rinse to detangle hair.  Rinse completely before applying
hair tea.
HerbalNature Hair tea is not a detangler so please detangle hair prior to applying hair
Herbal Nature Hair Tea is a leave-in conditioner, so do not rinse after applying. Remember,
HerbalNature™ Hair Tea is for external use only, do not drink.

Long Hair – Place large bowl in sink and pour tea over hair and scalp. Dip hair in bowl. Pour tea
from bowl back into jar and repeat as necessary to ensure coverage of entire hair and scalp area.

Short Hair – Use method for long hair or put tea in spray bottle and saturate hair and scalp.

Braided Styles –  Braids and hair extensions can drastically reduce the hairs elasticity.  It is
common for hair to "pop" and break after removing them. To reduce this affect, apply Herbal
Nature’s™ Hair Tea throughout the life of braids to retain hair’s elasticity. After making tea using
the directions above and after hair tea has cooled, you may use a spray bottle for easy application.
Before removing braids, use long hair method of applying hair tea and allow hair to dry naturally
before unbraiding. After your braids or extensions are removed, reapply tea to hair for extra
  • Do not drink HerbalNature™ Hair Tea.  It is for external use only.
  • Herbs have a natural pigment so use a dark towel to dry hair.
HerbalNature Hair Tea is Perfect for retaining hair's strength
and elasticity while wearing braids and weaves!
Order the HerbalNatureTea Kit. It comes with everything you need to make the perfect brew for your hair!

Make this loose herb hair tea just like regular tea, except it's poured over the
to add strength & elasticity to weak hair. It can also reduce excessive
shedding due to medications and stress. This excellent leave-in conditioner
can also dramatically  reduce breakage from braids, weaves and bonds
Experience results after the first use!
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HerbalNature Hair Tea
*This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Complements your hair color!
Brown/Dark - select for all shades of brown to black hair.
Light/Blonde - select for blonde highlights and light colored hair
Salt & Pepper or Gray - Reduces casting on gray and white hair
HerbalNature Hair Tea Kit
Organic herbs, spices, teas and oils.
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