To encourage growth, apply oil to scalp 3 times per week. For styling, apply to hair or scalp
as needed. Below are some suggestions to begin incorporating HerbalNature™ Hair Oil
into your hair care regimen.

Thick or dry hair/scalp – Section hair and apply very small amounts evenly to scalp area. Oil
will penetrate immediately, leaving a slight sheen on scalp.  Hair nor scalp should be oily
after application. Style as usual.

Thin or oily hair/scalp (Hot Oil Treatment) – Follow directions for thick hair. After applying,
place head under comfortable hot water for about one minute. Blot wet hair with towel or re-
shampoo hair lightly, avoiding scalp. This will reduce the amount of oil on your hair.

Fine or Limp Hair – Apply small amount of oil to cotton swab. Rub swab tip on scalp area.
Reapply oil to swab and repeat as needed to complete entire scalp area.
  • HerbalNature Hair  Oil is a concentrate and requires minimal application only.  Using more will not promote faster results.  A healthy scalp needs to breath so be
    careful not to use too much.

  • Due to the gentle composition of HerbalNature's natural and organic ingredients, please store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate if necessary. Always screw top tightly to
    avoid oxidation which can lead to rancidity. Refrigerate if necessary.
*This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Perm - Hair becomes smooth, textured and tame.  Control frizz and enhance your hair style  
by simply following one of the the tips above before styling, blow drying, wrapping or setting

Press or flat iron - Experience longer holding, silky, satin, healthier hair.  Apply product to
sectioned hair in very small, even amounts while pressing, flat ironing or curling.

Experiment! - HerbalNature works with all hair types and with regular use, you'll find the right
method that works best for your hair style.
Hair loss, damaged hair and many other hair and scalp conditions can be
indicators of nutritional deficiencies, stress or over processing. Additionally,
the use of chemicals and excessive heat can strip the hair and scalp of vital
nutrients needed to maintain and grow healthy hair.
HerbalNature™ Hair Oil
is  the NATURAL choice
over unnatural hair products. Because it is pure
and natural in origin and process, HerbalNature™ naturally complements
the body's chemistry, unlike synthetic and chemically based hair and scalp
products. It contains only the finest herbs and oils known in nature as the
best for the skin, hair and scalp.
Our hair follicles are closer to the surface of our scalp as opposed to our
digestive track. HerbalNature™ Hair Oil may be an alternative for anyone
who has been unsuccessful with attempts to restore hair health through
vitamins and supplements. HerbalNature™ Hair Oil penetrates the scalp to
reach the hair follicle and stimulate circulation while providing nutrients the
hair and scalp need to grow healthy hair.*
HerbalNature Hair Oil
How to Apply HerbalNature Hair Oil
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