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Healthy Hair Consultant may be right for you.

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What is The Healthy Hair Clinic?
HerbalNature's Healthy Hair Clinic's are hands-on, instructor lead workshops that incorporate the
use of HerbalNature Products and allow you to explore and manage your unique hair texture. The
objective of these workshops is to empower you to love and embrace your 'naturalness' by providing
you with tools, guidance and support to assist you in your healthy hair goals.

Many of us have spent years out-sourcing the maintenance of our hair to stylists and beauticians.
This common lifestyle for most leaves one unfamiliar with grooming and styling at home or not
confident enough to explore their hair beyond the salons' expertise. Many have also found that
years of  chemical regimen's such as perms, texturizers, hair color, etc., has left them with unhealthy
hair or a desire to have more resilient, stronger, healthier hair.  Along with chemicals, other stressful
styling regimens such as weaves, bonds, fusions and braids in many cases has lead to hair loss and
severely damaged hair. Hair loss and damaged hair is usually the turning point where women began
to question their hair care habits and choices. With so many variables pertaining to an individuals
particular hair concerns - hair textures, hair loss, appearance, confidence, privacy - sometimes its
difficult to know when and where to start. Well,
today is when you start and here at The Healthy Hair
Clinic is where you start!

What is a Healthy Hair Consultant?
HerbalNature Healthy Hair Consultant's are representatives of HerbalNature Organic Hair Products
who specializes in using, applying and assisting clients with achieving their healthy hair goals. All of
our Healthy Hair Consultants have successfully transitioned from chemicals using HerbalNature
Products. There are so many causes and co-causes for hair loss and it may be difficult to pin-point
yours, however our Healthy Hair Consultants can help you to identify habits that may be preventing
you from experiencing the healthy hair you desire. Your personal consultant will:

  • Design a healthy hair regimen using HerbalNature product specifically for you
  • Guide you though the process of transition (if desired)
  • Provide styling and product application advice for your unique hair texture
  • Always be available to answer your questions, concerns and support you on your healthy hair
Your personal consultant will be your partner in achieving your healthy hair goals!

Is The Healthy Hair Clinic For Me?
Because so many women have never managed their own hair even part-time they may not be
familiar with their natural hair texture so any regimen outside of their licensed stylist seems daunting.
When asking your stylist about going natural, he or she my not have the advice or expertise with
styling or transitioning to natural hair to assist you successfully and you may feel intimidated to seek
or do anything differently. Many of you have entertained the thought of 'going natural' but for fear of
not knowing what to expect, how to transition or where to begin keeps you in the same holding
pattern that may delay your decision to explore healthier options for your hair. Some of you just want
to know more about the process of transitioning and have questions about how this is done. Others
want versatility beyond the 'natural look' and want to know more about alternatives to straight styles
that don't require chemical processing. And those of you who are already natural may want to learn
to incorporate style versatility, shine, curl uniformity and curl pattern elongation techniques.

There is a surge from women who are seeking to take charge and become responsible and
accountable for their hair health. For most it's due to the dissatisfaction of the current health of their
hair. Women are realizing that after many years of the same harsh processes it is impossible to
achieve healthier hair on this continued path. They want to be empowered with information that will
positively impact their healthy hair goals and they are ready to begin now. If you resonate with any of
this mindset then
The HerbalNature Hair Clinic is just for you!

What is the difference between a healthy hair
and a healthy hair clinic?
A Healthy Hair Consultation is a private appointment with a Healthy Hair Consultant. She will answer
your questions and design a regimen specific to your healthy hair goals. She will also show you how
to prepare and apply your HerbalNature products and become your partner throughout your healthy
hair journey.

Healthy Hair Clinic's are hands-on and instructor lead workshops presented by one or more of our
Healthy Hair Consultants who will familiarize you  with using HerbalNature™  products for your hair
texture. At these workshops you actually use and apply HerbalNature™ products on your hair,
allowing you to leave with the practical experience you need to be successful and confident as you
venture on your healthy hair journey. The workshop includes:

  • Instructor lead classes
  • Workstation with mirror
  • HerbalNature Products - styling pomade & hair tea
  • Grooming tools - boar bristle brush, wide toothed comb, small toothed comb, scarf, hair clips,
    roller rods

What types of workshops do you offer at
The Healthy Hair Clinic?
At our workshops, you actually use HerbalNature™ products on your hair that way you can leave
with the practical experience you need to be successful at home and confident that you can do this
on your own. We will personally assist you with applying our products on your own hair.

Our Healthy Hair Clinic's consist of workshops designed to educate and empower you to:

  • Transition hair from chemicals to natural hair without cutting off your hair
  • Learn kid friendly hair grooming techniques for bi-cultural hair and children with thick and
    tightly coiled hair
  • Becoming familiar with and learning to style your unique hair texture
  • Master the art of preparing and using HerbalNature's all natural, organic products
  • Experience TextureNourishing; the revolutionary technique that creates silky straight styles
    using HerbalNature products WITHOUT chemicals, WITHOUT damaging the integrity of natural
    hair and WITHOUT reverting

Transition Workshop
Have you ever thought about transitioning from chemicals? Don't want to cut your hair to transition?
Worried about how to style hair that is in transition? This workshop will answer your transition
concerns. We will provide you with hands-on demonstrations and assistance that will walk you
through the transition journey.
Learn how to:
  • Use HerbalNature products for your unique hair type
  • Care for the special needs of hair in transition
  • Transition hair from chemicals to natural hair without cutting off your hair
  • Blend both textures - new growth & permed hair - to create uniform, polished hair styles
  • Style and groom natural hair straight without chemicals

*View a demonstration of TextureNourishing™, a revolutionary technique designed by HerbalNature
using HerbalNature products enabling one to wear natural hair straight without reverting and also
without damaging the integrity of natural hair.

Pretty Natural Princess
This hands on workshop is for parents and children who wish to learn to manage their child’s natural
tresses while learning to use HerbalNature™  products to accomplish healthy hair goals.

  • Does your child have thick hair or hair that is a challenge to comb because the child is tender-
  • Do you feel pressured to perm your daughter’s hair because it is too difficult to comb daily
  • Are you a parent of bi-racial child who could benefit from hands-on instruction to help learn to
    groom their unique hair texture

This workshop will give you the confidence and tools to manage you child's unique hair texture.

Getting to Know Your Natural Hair
This workshop is especially beneficial to anyone who chemically straightened their hair most of their
lives and have made a decision to transition to natural hair. Or maybe you want versatility with your
natural doo instead of wearing it in the same natural style. Is your hair dry and dull and you would
like more moisture and shine? Would you like to wear your hair straight sometimes without it
reverting?  HerbalNature Products are the PERFECT complement for your natural hair.
Learn how to:
  • Manage and maintain your natural hair using HerbalNature Products
  • Address the special needs of natural hair
  • Execute styling techniques for versatility  -  wave pattern training, curly rod sets, twist-sets and
    twist-out, braided sets and braid-out, or straight styles using TextureNourishing™

*View a demonstration of TextureNourishing™, a revolutionary technique designed by HerbalNature
using HerbalNature products enabling one to wear natural hair straight without reverting and also
without damaging the integrity of natural hair.

HerbalNature Product Demonstration
HerbalNature products require gentle and fresh preparation for the best results. See a live
demonstration and
Learn how to:
  • Prepare our unique hair and skin teas
  • Apply our specially blended hair products
  • Apply our hair and skin teas
  • How to mix and apply our natural plant-based hair colors

TextureNourishing™  Workshop
This is an instructor lead workshop that teaches the a unique application for applying
HerbalNature™  products while using heat to acquire a flawless, straight and silky texture to natural
or hair in transition that is safe and all natural. This process limits reverting and allows for versatility
of wearing natural hair straight and makes transitioning bearable while permed hair grows out.

This workshop is especially valuable to individuals, stylists and salon owners who want to diversity
when styling natural hair and want to offer services that cater to clients:
  • Seeking gentler processes for straight styles that avoid chemicals and promote health
  • In transition from chemicals and want to blend the two textures for straight styles
  • Desiring to elongate their natural curl pattern
  • Seeking stylists that offer services that cater to the health and beauty of natural hair
Let us tell you so much more about this revolutionary experience for your hair!
Healthy Hair Clinic
Let Us Help You Heal Your Hair
If you would like more information or to schedule
a Healthy Hair Clinic for your group or
organization, please call us at 832.387.5551.
We will assist you in coordinating a workshop to
designed to meet your healthy hair goals.
Who may want to schedule a Healthy Hair Clinic?
•        Group of girl friends
•        Sororities
•        Co-workers
•        Women’s group
•        Girls night out
•        Church event
•        Professional organization
•        Salon owners
•        Stylists

Special rates apply for groups of 15 or more
Let your next event be a Healthy Hair Clinic!
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Our Healthy Hair Team will provide your group
with hands-on instruction and everything you need
to begin your healthy hair journey.
Your workshop
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'Going Natural'
Requires Lots of Help'
New York Times, Skin Deep
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