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Need a Guest Speaker for your next event?
Daphne Wills is Founder & CEO of HerbalNature Organic Hair & Body Products and a Certified Herbalist. Daphne's
mission, passion and purpose is one in the same: To educate and empower all on the healing properties of nature, to
nurture the Divine Spark within and to co-create our desires with its Divine Presence, and to seek an enlighten path for our
individual, unique greatness. "Live your greatest life and harm nothing", she answers when asked to briefly explain her
lifestyle and she does that by living passionately through 'The HerbalNature Way.' Her products embody the essence of the
life-giving properties from which they are derived and the very special ingredients of intention, breath, prayer and love. Her
products and her company were born through necessity to heal herself naturally and her tenacity to share it with the world.

Need a Motivational Speaker for your group or event?
Our Executive Directors, Denika Carothers & Ny Edwards are both motivational speakers. In addition, Denika is an author
and Nutritional Health Coach. Ny Edwards is a Spiritual Counselor and author as well. These ladies offer inspirational and
life changing prospectives which arrived by conquering their own life challenges and offer a transformational view of how to
'GROW' through it all . Their evolved perception of how we experience the world and the options we "choose" to collapse on
in each moment, invites listeners to become ever present, aware, conscious and accountable for the things they
experience in this lifetime as well as the co-creator of all that they wish to experience. They sit from the seat of compassion,
love and the Highest Truth and they challenge each of us to be the change we want to see in the world.
Is your hair unhealthy, brittle, breaking, shedding, balding or all of
the above?
Are you interested in learning how to manage and care for natural
Would you like to transition from chemicals to natural hair WITHOUT
cutting your hair?
Would you like to know how HerbalNature Organic products can
assist you in achieving your healthy hair goals?
Hair Clinic
Let a HerbalNature Healthy Hair Consultant guide you on your way to
transforming  your damaged lackluster locks into impressive healthy hair!
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